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Hard Disk Drives


We are one of the largest and most-trusted global manufacturers of mechanical and electro-mechanical components for Hard Disk Drives, and have achieved global market leadership in several product categories, including VCMA’s, Bases, and Clad Data Arms. We provide critical-to-function components for all of the major HDD manufacturers, and have the largest component portfolio of any industry player.

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Oil & Gas


We manufacture highly complex, critical components that are part of oilfield exploration and production tools, such as down-hole drilling and oil well completion. Our customers are primarily oilfield exploration and production equipment /services companies who value our expertise in specialized metals and alloys such as titanium, Inconel, K-Monel and other varieties of stainless steel.

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We are highly skilled in the precision-machining of hydraulic components, fluid and structural members, seals and segments, combustor liners, nozzles and vanes that are used in aircraft engines. In order to manufacture these products, we also manage specialty processes such as heat treatment and non-destructive testing. Our key customer in this sector is Honeywell.

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Factory Automation

We perform design-and-build and build-to-plan factory automation capital equipment, used to improve efficiency, quality and scale in multiple industrial sectors, including Consumer Electronics, Semiconductor, and HDD. Our expertise includes design, sourcing, and system integration with existing factory-floor processes. We also provide after-sales service, support and upgrades of equipment manufactured by us.

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HDD Innovation Centre

With facilities in the US and Asia, staffed with dedicated engineers and scientists, the MMI Innovation Center sets MMI apart from our competitors and traditional manufacturing companies. The Innovation Center team partners directly with our HDD customers on their mechanical design, manufacturing, and metrology challenges, facilitating the rapid conceptualization, development and commercialization of new components and processes. To be able to turn an invention into an innovation, we combine several types of knowledge, capabilities, skills and resources, streamlining the final transition from innovation to high-volume production.

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